a blissful life

Potty training is semi-successful!

This guy is a bit slow in letting go of the diapers, but we are still working on it. He has not been too verbal about his needs for potty and got mixed up between pee and poop.

But he enjoys reading books when sitting on the toilet. That’s his blissful life!

Until he caught me taking his pictures. He was not too happy about that!

panko crusted whitefish and aglio e olio

Welcome to my Sunday gourmet dinner!

We also had white bean (cannolinni) salad on the side but I could not get it in picture.

What a busy day for us; we had been out of the house all day and did not get home until five p.m., when the sun was about to set. I had only an hour to make dinner and this combination saved us.

I made it for O and the boys because I cannot have too much carb although I was salivating seeing them eat. And they ate well!

First swimming lesson

We have found a reasonably-priced swimming facility to enroll the boys every Sunday for 45-minute session. It cost only $55 for six weeks per child.

Today is the first day.

I was in the Parent-n-Tot session with Peanut. He had a bit of trepidation about going into the water at first but once he was in he didn’t want to come out. PP is in the older age group of 4 to 8 and the instructor-student ratio is 1 to 4. Not bad at all.

I don’t think this is the beginning of becoming a Michael Phelps, but I am glad we find an activity that they both enjoy immensely!

This is our new Sunday morning’s routine.





cá kho tiêu và canh cải xanh

Buồn tình nên tìm mấy món ăn như vầy để tự an ủi mình — self comforting!

Cá smelt kho tiêu với nước dừa. Bỏ nhiều tiêu ơi là nhiều, kho nước kẹo sánh sánh lại thơm ơi là thơm.

Cải xanh mua ba bó mà hai đồng ở chợ nông dân thứ sáu tuần trước. Trong tuần lo nấu đồ ăn cho O và hai thằng đậu nên không nấu canh cho riêng mình, để cải bị vàng hết gần phân nữa. Hôm nay lục tủ lạnh đem ra nấu canh với tôm khô và gừng.

Hai món này ăn với cơm gạo lức, ngon thấm bụng, hết giận chồng luôn rồi!

the day is anew

Last night, after the end of the argument, I started cleaning the kitchen, and was down on my knees to scrape off any dirt or blemishes on the floor. Physical labor seemed to help decompressing the stress. I become mute to refrain from saying things that might deem damaging and hurtful later on. But that’s also my way to relieve and reflect. He, as always, took care of the boys’ bedtime routine and spent quality time with them.

But last night, before I was on my knees cleaning the floor, I almost walked out of the door trying to get some fresh air. I miss driving alone at night around some small streets or to the lake and just sit there to think. But PP was in the bathroom crying, saying that he does not want O and I to speak loudly at each other. It made me feel even worse to have this heated conversation within their earshot. We should have known better to protect them from our grown-up world or worries and conflicts. So I stayed, even though I really wanted some alone time, just to myself, away from the kids and the house.

We went to bed…in silence.

Today is better than yesterday!

We did not talk to each other this morning but I still woke up in time to pack his lunch bag that gives him all meals for the day at work. He rode his bike off the driveway at 6:30 a.m.; I stood in the garage and waited until I could no longer see the flicking red of his safety light as he made the turn onto the big road.

He texted me here and there, but no apology. I don’t wait for it, either.

Anyway, we will make-up and compromise, eventually. That’s what we do every time after an argument. But for now, I like the space and time I have away from him so that we can calm ourselves down and then talk about it when he gets home from work tonight.

The boys enjoyed a warm October day walking in the park among the beautiful fall foliage.