Such is life!

Tonight O and I had an argument. It began with a small and trivial matter that eventually blew up to something that he said he has held in for too long. So he blew up and I felt like a complete failure as a mother and a stay at home mom to the boys. I know he might not mean to say the things he said but words linger and they hurt. Damn, they hurt!

Too much to hold in and yet too much needed to be released. This isolation rides on the culmination of helplessness and incompetence; kills my spirit little by little.

I know the choice I made is the right one, but that also means personal desires and selfishness are the sacrificial lambs.

So be it!

Korean hot cakes and Japanese Mochi

There is a first time for everything! I even surprised myself for having the courage to make these sweet goodies.

The boys favor the Korean hot cakes over the mochi. I think it’s the chewy texture that was a bit off putting for them. But the hot cakes were flying off the plates and going between their teeth in no times. They chomped down every bite. Now I have a new item on the winter menu for snacks.


The two-year-old is also growing

Peanut is on his development trajectory but when compared to his brother PP at the same age, he is still lagging a bit behind in language development. PP started talking in full sentences of three to five words by the time he is almost two, and his pronunciation was clear.

Peanut, on the other hand, has phonic difficulties in saying the w, d, l, and s. He also has the tendency to swallow words or abridge the sentence in his own ways. But I think it is normal so I am not concerned.

Lately he has this cute response to my call, whenever I said, Where is my baby? He would answer, Here he is! but in actuality, it sounds like ear-is.

He is the cutest when speaking Vietnamese, too.

I have been teaching him some simple phrases. When he wants something I asked him to say, Mẹ, cho con … or Con cám ơn Mẹ. or Con thương Mẹ.

These phrases ended up sounding like these: Mẹ, cho-onng, , and On on ẹ, and On tuông ẹ.

The only thing that he could say loud and clear is his age, Hai tuổi with the upper lips curls up and his eyes squinted.

And he can sing some simple Vietnamese children songs, all to my delight as a mother.

Last week, PP and I were practicing some Vietnamese before bed. At one point, he said, Mẹ đẹp, when Khalam grows up, I will teach him Vietnamese so we can call you Mẹ đẹp, does that make you happy?

I am, indeed, con trai!
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The not-so-shrouded secret of a five-year old

PP has been asking, almost daily, of when Halloween will come. He said he has a big plan for the day but wanted to keep a secret. This morning he came to my bed and talked non-stop about his secret plan. I was still half sleep so I just held him and pretended that I was all ears. In the end, the only thing that I remembered from his incessant chirping was, Mommy, keep it a secret, ok? But Mommy, what’s the recipe for a sponge cake?

I love this child’s innocence and his greatest love for me.