So many promises, so little delivery

Aghhh, I promised to write and blog more frequently in December but so far I have failed miserably.

I think I am falling out of love with blogging.

But I am also under some stressful matters and hence it has been hard to collect my thoughts after each hectic day.

We are about two weeks from the actual move but nothing seems to work out right now for us, which is really demoralizing in some way.


parting way with treasures

I went through the boxes of books again to filter through the most treasure ones and then donate the rest. The problem was, most of these books have been my treasures, and it was hard to put them in the “donate” pile. But the beauty that comes from parting with these books, particularly the books that the kids and I have collected for their reading, is that I will donate them to my local Trader Joe’s where they have a free library. The boys want to share these treasure with other kids who might in the near future will find these books entertaining and valuable.

I also took the liberty to get rid of most of Mr. O’s finance and banking books that he has kept for years since business school. He would have a hard time parting way with them so I do it for him instead. As for my books, I only kept just a few cookbooks and a few Vietnamese books; the rest I parted way, even my two favorite books of all time — To Kill A Mocking Bird, and The Kite Runner. I thought I would have kept these for the boys to read in the future, but we are moving to such a tiny space. I am also tuning into the “minimalist” mode and in the future will only acquire and purchase items after careful consideration. Simplicity is my new year resolution for 2019!

(Is it too early to set new year resolution?)

Our apartment in San Diego is about three miles away from this beautiful landscape. I told Mr. O that in the future if he happens to make a mistake and get me upset, he just need to drive me to the beach and let me sit with the sunset. That’s it, I am so easy to please!

Another beautiful thing today — putting beef bones in the Instant Pot and have it on slow cook mode for tomorrow’ dinner. I cleaned the freezer yesterday and found two packages of bones and one pack of tendon. Phở is a beautiful thing!

fall foliage in December

While driving the kids around town today I had this perfect intro for this blog post but then right now it is 8:30 p.m. that intro I thought I had just escaped my brain.

Oh well…

Another beautiful day with time well spent with the boys. Our realtor/agent hosted one final Open House from 1-4 p.m. so we had to vacate the premises for three hours. Not a big problem for us, we found enough activities to fill up the time.

Do you know that we have a beautiful fall foliage this year…even though it happens in late November and still last until now. It’s probably the tail end of the season but it is still so beautiful to walk along the canal trail and enjoying the bright orange and red colors coming together. The winter air in Northern California is just too perfect for me. I love it. It’s a bit chilly, but not brutally cold, just cold enough for you to appreciate that one extra layer of knitwear without curling up your neck and shoulder and running to find warm shelter.

A bonus photo of Mom and her pose with such beautiful foliage. She was here last week for a few days.

And she was so mesmerized by these fruits that we found along the walking trail in our neighborhood. It’s strawberry fruit, or wax berry, as I googled the internet to find out the name for her.

One extra thing to note — Mr. O cooked his own meals for these past two days. The last time he cooked was eight years ago when I called 911 at 2 a.m. and he spent a night in the ER. I think I wrote that story in 2010. Thanks god, he did well for himself this time.

All the beautiful things

December is the transition month. It is still a bit stifling with the catch-22 dilemma about the house. Then the major event of having to sell our belongings and then make that move the week between Christmas and New Year.

With all these worries in mind, I am pushing myself to see the beautiful things that comes to me every day. A positive outlook will beat the heck out of a negative one.

The beautiful thing today for me is binging through one season of Anthony Bourdain’s Part Unknown series on Netflix. I let the boys work on their computers and doing some fun research for a slideshow that stemmed from Peanut’s dream. Whatever it is, they fought and they hugged and they argued and back at hugging again.

Mr. O, however, is being lonely in San Diego. He flew down there on Thursday with two big luggages that held all his professional attires. Yesterday was his first day with the new job.

So far so good…

We keep telling each other, that we are moving forward, despite many drawbacks and step-backs and whats-not, we are moving forward. More than fifteen years ago when I first met him, he was living in a rental unit that was basically a basement storage and a kitchen he shared with four other guys. So looking back at that time and now, with fifteen years in between, we truly are moving forward.

And it is also a beautiful thing to have.

Ngày không nắng

Sáng thứ Ba trời âm u. Chắc sẽ có mưa. Ở xứ này cần mưa như lúc ở MN mình cần nắng.

Hôm nay mình đưa Mẹ ra sân bay để Mẹ về lại MN. Buồn quá!

Chiều hôm qua mình làm một nồi bì chay to tướng để Mẹ cuốn rau. Món này Mẹ thèm mà chỉ có mình làm Mẹ ăn mới ngon vì hai mẹ con hợp khẩu vị. Ăn một buổi chiều mình còn để dành cho mẹ hai bịch mang theo về lại MN ăn. Ngày xưa mình đến nhà thăm Mẹ và lúc về Mẹ gôm đồ ăn cho mình đem về. Bây giờ thì ngược lại. Đó cũng là một cái phúc hậu mình có được.

Trời âm u, nhìn hắc hiu buồn quá đi thôi.