Seeing the light

This has been my metaphysical view during these past few weeks. But I am starting to see the light and it is beaming on me.

I am getting better. Thank you for all the friends who have been cheering and praying for me!

Mr. O is out on an assignment somewhere in Upper Peninsular of Michigan, a few foot steps away from the Canadian border. It took him two flights and a rather lengthy drive to get there. I don’t know how he survives up there in the rural boonies. But after this trip he will be working locally until mid January or so and he will be traveling again for work.

I thought it would be tough to be recovering and taking care of the boys, but it turned out not so bad. Or should I say, so far so good. :D

I had one of the best sleep last night. After checking the kids into bed around 8 p.m., I also checked in, and slept from 9:30 until 6 in the morning when the snow-plowing trucks woke me up with the cement-scratching noises. Now that I am fully rested, I have the energy to do many things around the house. These are the things that fell through the crack by my negligence because I did not have much energy to get them done these past few weeks.

Oh how I miss being healthy again!

So with that said, five big loads of laundry and bed sheets, folded, and put away. Hooray for such accomplishment!

Photo of the boys playing with the little snow we got back in mid November. I have new photos of them but have not edited.

A moment of solitude 

I see more of life when I encounter a hardship. While mourning, grieving, and spending the minutes of my days thinking of the things that happened beyond my control, I told myself that I must take a moment in solitude to be grateful of the things that are within my control. 

So I am thankful…very thankful for all the things that I am blessed to have thus far. Everything else that I don’t have, yearn to have, or cannot have…I am still thankful that there is hope that keeps me looking forward to another day. 

I might be still struggling to find the nearest shore, but I am not drowning. I am not. 

And that in itself is a blessing!

Coping mechanism — cooking

To help me cope with the situation, O asked me to cook real food for him. He and the boys have been eating out almost everyday since I was bed ridden for more than two weeks. I felt so bad for them but was unable to carry on the task. Yesterday O took me grocery shopping to gather all stuff for beef phở. Now the beef broth pot is on the stove simmering for another five hours. 

O and the boys really keep me afloat during this difficult time. 

The other day Peanut asked me to close my eyes so he could do some magic. When my eyes were closed, he said a-da-ca-Ba-Ba or something like that. When he asked me to open my eyes, I only saw him mooning me with his butt sticking out. Oh gosh, I was laughing so hard at his magic act; he did all that just to break my blues. 

O also managed to take me out of the house for a change of air. On Saturday we took PP to a classmate’s birthday party. It was at a glow-in-the-dark bouncy-house play yard and upon seeing all the fun thing to play and jump, Peanut did not want to leave. He became a party-crasher and acted like he belong. O and I laughed so hard looking at him enjoying himself along with his older brother. It was a nice break to have connected with other grown-ups, too.