Cabrillo National Monument in Point Loma

I have always wanted to explore this National Monument. Last time we went it was closed due to government shut-down. This time we went in and explored a little part of it. It cost $20 for the entrance fee, which is not a problem because they need funding to maintain the park. From the top, we had a near 360-degrees view of the ocean, and with that on a clear day, we can see Tijuana, Mexico from there.

I know this land is part of California’s history and all, I still felt uneasy reading these historical vignettes about how the Spanish conquered and destruct the native territory. This is the very definition of colonialism.

They believed they had a duty and a right…

that was so wrong!


active parenting

I signed up for the “Free Museum Pass” when we just moved here in December, and not until today that I received the pass to the New Children’s Museum in downtown San Diego. The kids didn’t want to go at first. Lately, they have this weird attitude about going to places of our suggestions. The “I don’t want to go” and the “it’s not what I want to do today” were just unbearable to deal with. But as parents, and as parents who are involved and active in our children’s lives, we force them to do the things that we were certain will give them educational values.

Well, as I predicted, both of them had so much fun and didn’t want to leave for lunch. I mean, the place is full of fun and interactive activities for them. I wish I had these kinds of opportunities as a kid to experience all of these sensory-stimulating things.

My expanded life


I know I have missed many days of blogging about my life with two boys. There have been so many things going on and I couldn’t have asked for a better turn out.

I have quite a few friends now. All are moms of kids that came to know my kids; most are Japanese moms. Mrs. Sumi is the cultural-portal threshold who brought me to a new sphere of friendships. She kept introducing me to her friends and eventually one after another we conquered the language barriers, with lots of help from nonverbal gestures and translating apps.

Many of them came to celebrate PP’s 10th birthday last Saturday. I put an open invitation to include siblings and parents to join. It was a bit costly we put forth for the food but it was all worth it; everyone — from 3 year-old baby to all grown adults — enjoyed the party. I made it very kid-focus with many fun activities and the parents didn’t have to entertain their kids and had time to engage in conversation with other parents.

So the end result of hosting a fun party for kids turned me into the “cool” mom among the kids.

With that many moms stayed after school to have their kids play with PP and Peanut; and we sat and chat and share good laughters.

Today I brought five buckets of bubble solution for the kids to play giant bubbles after school. Oh man, the kids kept buzzing around me and I felt like a queen bee with many soldier bees.

My two boys are also growing and came along with that are some challenges of emotional growth. PP is not much of a concerned for me but man, the little Peanut just keeps me on edges every day. I think most of it came from the jealousy that he had when I gave PP an epic birthday party. I regretted not doing a better job to adequately prep him in advance.

Anyway, I need to get back and write better and to keep up with this blog because I have more to write, mostly to capture great moments for the kids.

Back to school night

As usual, I attended back-to-school sessions to learn more about the curriculum and teaching styles for both of my boys. Mr. O also came along but he could ‘t sit through long sessions so he watched the boys while I went to the sessions.

The teachers each has over 20 years of teacher experiences. PP’s teacher has experience in teaching ELD/ESL as well as certification in creative writing from Columbia University. Peanut’s teacher is a busy mom with two kids so she deeply understands the struggles that parents have about their kids doing daily homework. For the past few years she devised her own homework program that allows kids to pick and choose from a variety of work that they like to do. So instead of math she wants the kids to do math games. She emphasizes a lot more on parents spending quality time with their children after school, and encourages parents to read with their children every night.

I told PP’s teacher that I want to volunteer so hopefully she can use my skills towards helping some of her ELD students whose first language isn’t English. As for Peanut’s teacher, she didn’t need many parent volunteers in class but more so for field trips and class art projects.

11 years!!!

Yesterday, September 11, we celebrated our 11 years of marriage.

I didn’t want to write about it because the actual day was to remember those who were killed on this saddest day of America that I know. So I waited for a day later to make a small note, just to also remember how far Mr. O and I have gone to make it to our 11th year.

We didn’t go out to celebrate. I cook dinner and we spent the evening talking about our love story for the kids to remember and celebrate with us, too.