Taking advantages

We took advantages of a beautiful day to have our outdoors venture in Point Loma, the most western point of San Diego. This is the location of Cabrillo National Park that commemorated the first European explorer discovering the coast of California back in the 1500s. I feel uneasy coming to this kind of place where the highlight was more on the exporers but less on the indigenous groups of native tribes who owned the land for many thousand years before the arrivals of European explorers. But, let me save my sentiment of injustices for another day.

The reason we went to this national park in the first place was because KG received a free annual pass to any National parks in The U.S. I think this is a wonderful program to get kids as young as KG’s age to learn and be appreciative of national parks, lands, and bodies of water. He just recently studied about California’s early history, including the presences of European explorers (who came by mistakes thinking they reached India!) I am all for educational opportunities and wanted to help him connect what he read in the text to hands-on learning by visiting the momument. So it was a perfect timing!

We walked around the momument, which has a perfect location and vista point to look out to the ocean where shipping cargoliners and sail boats dotted along the sparkling coast line. From there, we could also see the hills of Tijuanna, Mexico perching out near the southern borders. It was a beautiful day with a perfect weather (74F!) to walk around the short trails and embracing the cool ocean breezes.

I wish that we had more time to do the longer 2-mile trails to experience a complete immersion of visiting a national park.

For our next trip, we are going back to Muir Woods in Northern CA. I love the tall time-defying redwood trees.

We finished two more episodes of AGT tonight and saved the last episode for tomorrow night. We are almpst there catching up to the lastest season.

It’s 11:46 pm, almost midnight. Guess what my husband is doing?

I am on this side of my bed blogging. He is on his side of bed singing out loud. He chose a song by The Temptations, singing to the lyrics but I cannot hear the music because he has his headset on. Then he turned to me and asked, “how did I do, honey!”

I just gave him a obligated answer, two words, “good job!”

What I didn’t tell him is how off tuned he is with the song. But then, I don’t want to ruin his leisure time.

Do other couples do this kind of things? We are so random and odd that I think it’s just normal way of life for us.

Oh gosh, now he moves on to singing “Hello” by Lionel Richie!!!

I am going to bed.

Luck of my day

Strange thing happened today.

Well, it was not really strange with a severe effect, but I like the dramatic beat.

I went to the clinic for a small procedure this morning but the plan did not go as planned. I felt so vulnerable sitting on the examination table, half-naked with a white bedsheet cover wrapped around the waist, waiting for test results and listening to whiny country musics while two doctors convened outside of the examination room about my case.

I wanted to lie down but it was awkward and sitting upright with my legs dangling over the edge of the table was awkward, too. Not knowing what to do while waiting, I read all the prints on all the posters available in that small quarter of space. The most notable, and the largest of all, was the poster of Type 2 diabetes. The size of that poster was almost as tall as my height, and I am about 5’1. Anyway, I felt very knowledgable now that I read all the prints from top to bottom, from symptoms to different types of treatments to regulate blood sugar level.

After waiting for what seemingly the length of three or four country songs, the doctors came back in to inform and discuss with me a new approach for my case. I agreed and we proceeded as discussed.

Well, it turned out the second approach didn’t work either because of a newfound mystery. I know I am being cryptic here but it is personal and I cannot divulge in details. But rest assured, though, it is not in any way life-threatening. It is a life’s inconvenience,yes, but is not something that causes big medical scare. Knock on woods!!!

After spending almost two hours, mostly wait-time, I walked out, fully clothed — mind you! – with a referral to have an ultrasound and then come back after having the ultrasound results. I spent another 20 minutes sitting in the car trying to make an appointment with the radiology clinic. The earliest appointment that I could get was not until November 22nd. I am sure I mouthed a silent “WTF?” through my teeth and out between the lips.

I tried to plead with the gentleman on the other line who also tried to accommodate me. He looked into the system of a collective radiology clinics within the network, and all schedules are booked as far out as late November.

And the strange thing happened.

As he was searching into the available dates and locations within my 20-mile proximity and when he was about to input the November 22nd appointment for me, a cancellation notification came up on his system. Someone just cancelled their appointment and I got the November 2nd slot; that is 20 freaking days earlier than the one I was about to book.

I counted that moment as the luck of my day!

That means I don’t have to wait and delay medical treatment in case something unsettling comes out from the ultrasound results.

It’s Friday night, which meant it’s the family night gathering on the couches watching America’s Got Talents. We just finished the first Semi-final episode of the latest season. We all have our favorite(s) and defend them when others talked trash about their performances.

I have to wake up early to prepare and host a two-hour college counseling session with new student whose parents just hired me to advise their child. I did not plan to take on any new student, or do advising on Saturday, but this one really needs extra help because he has learning differences. Having a child who has ADHD, I am empathetic and feel personally involved towards those with challenges in the ways they learn.

That’s my soft spot.


We woke up this morning with multiples of Ring notifications. I checked the cameras and saw two sheriffs in uniforms and gears walking around our driveway. That was strange. I took a look at the window and saw another one standing at the neighbor’s driveway. There were three police cars parked right in front of our house, too. 

I thought that one of our neighbors called the police on us and we were on their surveillance. Mr. O and I kept guessing of the reasons of police presence in this very quiet neighborhood and we came to an assumption that our neighbor’s nephew must have been in trouble. If not, the lady neighbor might have needed help. Either way, it was a bit uncomfortable to see the sheriffs and their guns locked and loaded walking around our house. They left after 15 minutes from the time I received the first Ring notification.

That was the most eventful happening of our day. The rest was just blehhh, nothing else was exciting.

Oh, I have been listening to podcasts again. This week’s favorite are:

1. This American Life, episode #749, titled My Bad, which was aired on October 3rd.

2. Hidden Brain, episode title Being Kind To Yourself, aired on October 11th.

3. This American Life, episode #553, titled Stuck in the Middle, aired on September 26th.

#4. NPR Fresh Air, Pandora Papers, Explained, aired on October 14th.

Other episodes that I listened to with interesting facts were NPR’s It’s Been A Minute with a few episodes about Latin music explosion in the 1990s (my growing up years) and the legacy of Soul Train. I think I also completed listening to an episode about the Karens and half-way through the episode about taking a closer look at the 2020 Cencus statistics.

Tomorrow is Friday. I have a doctor appointment at 9:30 am for a small medical procedure.