stress bins


We have been under a lot of stress. Of course, moving and stress inevitably come together like a pair of best friends, and I anticipated it. But sometimes it is hard to bear.

Mr. O has undertaken a complex examination assignment this week so that pushed us to the edge at times. We have huffed and puffed at each other a few times this week too, just because he walked around like an airhead only focusing on writing financial reports. He then spilled his stress on over to me as if I have nothing better to do.

Then money…every dollar sprint out from our saving accounts like they are running track and field reaching for gold medal at the Olympics. I mean, we are dirt poor by the time this move is all said and done.

And we have to pack the rest of our stuff by the end of this week. Fortunately I have been slowly packing almost half of everything we own since April. Hopefully it will be a quick turn around.


This will soon pass, right?

I hope so.😀 Then we can enjoy California.

Back to square two

We should have trusted out guts from the beginning but in the midst of multi-front planning we overlooked a few aspects that came back to bite us in the ass. 

And we went back to square two!

Instead of having the movers coming to pick up our stuff tomorrow, we postponed it to June 6. Instead of flying out to SFO on June 4, we are flying out there on June 12. 

It cost us a good amount of money for altering the plans but I think we saved ourselves from headache and potentially more money we might need to shell out to pay the movers from A-company if we were to go with their services. B-company charges us more when we went with plan B but they are more reputable and we used them before for our move from Boston to Minnesota five years ago. We could not trust A-company at all. 

With all that said and done, we are still moving to San Francisco, just a few days later. 

Dang it, I have to reset my count down – 22 days!

you don’t have to go far for an adventure

We lived through a long and cold winter just for days like this!

(I was going to write a lengthy post, but got distracted with anger because Mr. First-Born came home with a behavioral note from his teacher stating that he cannot participate in the school’s field day tomorrow. And this is the third note that was sent home this week. URRGGGGHHHHH!)

17 days | counting down

In about 17 days we will become new residents of California. Let’s the count down begins!

Last time we packed and moved from one place to another, I was 36 weeks pregnant with Peanut, and working full time with some late night work. Mr. O did most of the packing in between his travel assignments. In the end, we did not do a good job at purging so we packed every little thing in our two-bedroom apartment to this house. 

Four years in and we still have a box or two still boxed from the last move that we did never bother to unpack. They were left in a corner of our garage. The other day I finally opened them and was appalled at the contents. What the heck, they were just random books, Oprah magazines, Mr. O’s banking regulation manuals and office supplies and miscellaneous stuff and and stuff that we don’t really need. 

I mean they have been there for four years and we did not feel that we needed them. So they were just junks. 

But among the junks I found a magazine with this photo below. I phone-captured it to relive the memory. 

I was once photographed for a magazine. It was something Boston-related local magazine that featured restaurants around towns. I happened to work as a host at Phở Republic in the South End during that time and they needed a female person to stage a lively dining session. I just came to work 15 minutes before the photo taken and looking so horrible but the boss said I should do it. The two guys siting with me were the assistants to the photographer. 

It did not look like we had a lively dining experience as I was watching the doors as customers coming in. I was served a mixed drink then and boss-man told me to drink it if I wanted. I tried half a glass and felt dizzy from the alcohol. 

That was the summer of 2003, I just started dating Mr. O for about five months then. 

I shows the photo to my boys and PP was so excited. He thinks that I am famous since I was featured as a model in a magazine. Ha ha!

My 15 seconds of somewhat fame! It was short-lived but I am glad I still had it now to show my kids. 

strawberry wine

I supposed to be working on packing…but I feel like I need a dose of artsy feed first before feeling the physical energy for the rest of my day.

Here are a few of my backyard’s artsy stuff I captured over the weekend. (My laptop is so slow and lagging behind, making editing a huge challenge, or else I could have posted some more!)

This is a cross-cut view of my green onions. Who would have thought that it could look artsy that way. I had it in color version, but I am more drawn to the dark gloomy tone of black and white a bit more. B/W shows better contrasts of shapes and lines.

Old and dried day-lily pods that still last after the harsh winter. The boys think that these pods are there to capture and eat small bugs, like those man-eating plants.


Strawberry flowers. They grow on their own after the last frost. The boys are hoping to eat the first crop of fruit before our move in early June. I doubt it!

Somehow it reminds me of this one country song, Strawberry Wine, I listened to long ago, perhaps 20 years, sung by Deana Carter (I had to google it for her name!) Although I did not understand that this song is a reference to losing one’s virginity at that time. Nevertheless, the lyrics was beautiful (and still is!) while I was at that young age of constant day-dreaming and whatnot.