just to keep up

today is the last day of January. Where did the time go?

The husband is almost half the world away. The kids are asleep…and I logged into my work’s email to do more work. Crazy me!

(ah, need to record this milestone, but Peanut is able to sooth himself to sleep. Last night was the first, tonight is the second. He did it all by himself. I am so proud of my baby!)

About O’s trip. He does not like Dubai. It’s just too crowded, too frantic, too much going on for him. A day after he arrived, he got respiratory problems and fell ill for the next five days or so. The bottom line is, he is not having a good time. He misses the kids too much, and decided to shorten his trip to two weeks; originally, he planned for three. I could have rubbed it in with a “I told you so” but did not want to steal his moment. But yes, I told him so, that three weeks away is just too long for the kids. He gave me a hard time for saying that. Hahahah, I love the feeling when my husband confirmed that I am “right” all along. It’s a woman’s (and a mother’s) intuition!

I think he is en routed to Somalia at this moment. Or maybe he has arrived already.

Okay, I have stolen a few minutes from doing my work for blogging. Need to stop. The next four weeks will be tough. March 2 seems too close for comfort. Focus. Focus. FOCUS. If you don’t see new updates, you know that I am grasping for air under a pile of paper work, or suffering from carpel tunnel syndrome due to too excessive use of wrist, hands, and fingers for typing emails and documents.

Before I leave, I am adding two more photos to the gallery of our lives. 😀

My object of affection. It was hard getting him to stand in one place for me to test the camera and lighting. Not a very good model, but I love capturing random spur of the moment like this, when he is full of goofiness.

Yes, he was doing the actual kung-fu “chop, chop”.

Trying to achieve one of my goals for this year — to have more photos of me and the kids.


half a year | a milestone

My little bugger got an ear infection, partly due to teething, just as I suspected. I took him to the doctor this morning and now he is treated with Amoxicillin for 10 days. He is well today, able to play by himself without the constant fussiness. I build muscle strength from carrying him all day yesterday.

Stats for 6-month check-up:

Weight: 19 lbs 1 oz (75-90%)
Height: 28 1/4 inches (95-98%)
Head: 17 1/2 inches (50-75%)

3 a.m.

It’s one of those nights that I have experienced before but still dreaded of its arrival. And it only happens when the husband is away.

My little Peanut got a fever. 101F!!! That and the whole sha-bang of being irritable, wailing, throwing up and wanting to be held all night. I called my brother up and he came over to help out. If we were still in Massachusetts, I would not know who to call except to come knocking on the neighbor’s door in desperation. Night like this, having family within arm reach is a blessing. I decided not to let O know. I mean, he can’t do much anyway so no point getting him worried.

And on top of that, it snowed yesterday, leaving about 3 inches of wet and slippery snow on the ground.

Here comes my predicament — should I take a day off from work tomorrow?  I have three important meetings lining up.