gaining back a life

Ahhh, I have been missing for a few days. Any one took notice?

Mann, this flu season, I thought that I was the exclusion, but I spoke too soon. I was sick like a dog since Saturday, but still working until they kicked me out of the office this morning. Today, Boss said, go home, don’t contaminate the air. And so I left. Five minutes later, I found myself crashing at Mom’s house. Mom is also sick, but she has been up many nights making food for the New Year. She has made 50 or so bánh tét already, and is still planning to do another 30, because 50 were not enough to give away to family and friends. Dangg, that woman, how can I measure up to her strength?

Yesterday when I picked Peanut up from the babysitter, I found his face covered with red rash. Yeah, when it could not get any worse than taking care of two sick kids, one with an ear infection, and trying to save myself from the flu; feel like banging my head against the wall. I had to call my brother over to watch after PP and took Peanut to Urgent Care. Fortunately, that place as emptied when I walked in, and Peanut was seen within five minutes of our arrival. It turned out he has allergic reaction to Amoxicillin that has been used to treat his ear infection; and it took one whole week to show symptoms of allergy. He was a bit irritable, and keeping me up another night.

I know I am not writing anything positive, but mostly about drama. That’s because these two weeks have been tough for me. I tried my best to be a strong fortress, but my body gives out to physical exhaustion, and dealing with unexpected situation, both at home and at work…I am not made out of steel, after all the trying.

O is cutting his trip short, and planning to come home on Monday. I need him back to take care of the boys, and for me to get some sleep. I look like a zombie; an ugly one. Maybe I should do another self-portrait session of me looking like one. Eeek, not a pretty sight!

I need to feel better soon, because BK is coming to town next Saturday for a concert and I want to treat myself with this kind of event. Any BK fans here?

And here are my darlings. I have not taken their photos for more than a week. So much for project-52, heh?