not living in the moment

I am so bad at this, because right now I am looking forward to March 3rd, and not living “in the moment.”

I can’t enjoy “the moment” because March 2 is around the corner. I am at home-stretched, and my brain is on over-drive.

Dramatic much? Indeed. But I can’t help it. From now until March 2 is going to be crazyyyyyyy. If you see me walking around with a bad attitude, a grumpy face, speech slur, and scattered brain…please smack me out of it.

Being a project manager is tough because I want to do it all but I can’t. I have to delegate, and I am not a micro-manager. I put a lot of trust on others; some are great help, others fall apart. Those who did not carry the weigh, I have to pick all of them up, adding more pressure with such little time.

So far we have over 2300 people signed up for March 2 event. If I charge admission for it, I would have gain a couple of grand that could potentially go to my “camera equipment” fund. Unfortunately, it’s not the case!

I so apologize for being a bad blogger. I promise. I PROMISE that once this event is done and over, I will be responding to every single comment promptly. Right now, I can’t.

I wrote this post in 3 minutes. Record time!

Please excuse the incoherent thoughts and fragmented sentences. I just need to vent and let it out to relieve pressure from work.