yearning for spring

Tendril said she wants to learn about photography, so I gave her my other camera; the crop-sensor T1i, with the nifty fifty 50 mm 1.8. She has been taking photos of the kids around the house. Today we went for a drive and I just wanted a portrait of me. So I asked her to test her skill about composition. When she has more time off from doing school work, we will begin the lessons for manual operation. For now, this is good enough.

She is getting the hang of it. I am so proud.

Auto, portrait style
ISO 100, f/2, 1/3200
in jpeg mode
(forgot to turn RAW mode on)


10 thoughts on “yearning for spring

  1. Trang ,chụp RAW cai’ PSD của chị view không được, phải install DNG của Adobe, convert RAW thành DNG format mới coi được. Mà ngay cả DNG cũng không preview được trong Window Explorer, phải drag nó vào RAW plug in của PSD mới thấy. Any sugestion of what I should use?

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