31 pages

I have been missing in action. I know.

But did you (and do you) enjoy looking at my beautiful portrait? I am sure you did, and still do. 🙂 I intentionally put that up and left that on the front page for a few days so you can flower me with admiration.

you know I am kidding when I say that, right? Don’t take it too seriously!

This girl needs some good jokes. No kidding!


I disappeared because my life was sold to a devil, and that devil was the 31-page of project report that was due yesterday. I sent in half a day late, but no penalty was given. I am not good at technical writing, and working on those data (i hate numbers, y’all!) was the bane of my existence.

Hallelujah, it’s over (or maybe not…waiting for final approval!)

And I see the sun. I feel the sun. I bask in sunshine.

This weekend, I am going to shave the legs, put on sandals and skirts…hoping that Spring will stay for a while!


5 thoughts on “31 pages

  1. Yay ……em iu trở lại rùi ! Ừa, chuẩn bị skirts, váy áo, điệu đàng cho mùa Xuân đi nàng ui! Chụp hình nhiều nhiều nữa nha!


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