48 hours, unplugged


Summer solstice brought along thunderstorm, lighting and lots of rain. More rain than we could handle. Fortunately, we have no major damages and still have our electricity running. Our backyard is slightly flooded. We are so lucky to have a nice neighbor who not only help us with weekly lawn mowing, but also draining the flood water. He has been doing that without asking ever since we moved into this house, and to this neighborhood.

Then our internet was cut off for two days. I was unplugged!

It was frustrating at first, but slowly I found that not having the internet, and not being able to check my the phone or logging into facebook was not bad at all. I had more time to play with the kids. And I picked up a book and read. I brought it to bed and read. I read until 1 a.m. The feeling of flipping through the pages and the anticipation of the next scenes was a sheer joy. It’s back to the basic, the joy of reading that I have abandoned for a long while.

O is home since Friday afternoon. We have had a lot of family time. This morning he took the kids out for breakfast and let me sleep in a little bit. It’s nice to have a break from them, and know that they have good time with their dad.

And here is a kiss from my Bubbly Boo Boo!



7 thoughts on “48 hours, unplugged

  1. Ừa heng, lâu ngày quen với Internet rồi, gặp bữa không có Internet, làm như bị “mất mát” cái gì á. 🙂 🙂

    hun anh chàng Bubbly Boo Boo luôn coai! Chụt!

  2. Cái cảm giác không có Internet thiệt là khó chịu á…hình như năm rồi, anh bị cúp điện 3 ngày cuối tuần…biết mùi á:)

    Em Boo đã quá!

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