And the journey begins

At 11 and a half month old, Khalam took his first step, unassisted. He walked towards me, and I was there with open arms. It was around 5:30 p.m., when we were waiting for O to get home from work. The pot of Phở was being reheat on the stove top.

Today, for some reason, he was super clingy. I could not put him down or be away from him for more than a minute. Usually he would take his naps in the crib, but no no, today he wanted me to hold and snuggle him. Two naps, two snuggling sessions. He spreaded his tiny hands and fingers on my chest; the place of comfort for him. I love him too much.

He is turning ONE in 10 days. I need to come up with a theme. A cake-smash is a must! It would be a photo galore.

Yesterday, July 15, we celebrated our two years of living as a family in Minnesota.


One thought on “And the journey begins

  1. Còn mấy ngày nữa chàng mới thôi nôi mà giờ chàng đã biết đi rồi heng. Chàng giỏi quá chàng ơi. Chụt chụt chàng nhiều nhiều cái nha!

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