newly discovered territory

I read somewhere, and this phrase stuck out with me for so long, that children are born not to fit into our convenience. In fact, they become our inconvenience but that’s the sheer joy of parenthood.

Peanut is at the phase of exploring charted but prohibitive territories for him around the house. He pays close attention as to when PP would get up and calls out “Ooahhh”. I just love the way he calls out PP’s name, “Ooahhh”. Very cute. Every time PP gets up to run to the bathroom, Peanut trails along in a scurry without fail. And when PP forgets to close the bathroom door, oh boy, I am in trouble.

Here they are, joining forces to make the bathroom as part of their play area. It’s a true moment that epitomizes my “life with two boys.” 😀 Love it!

He pulls PP’s stepping stool closer to the sink and climbs up, reaching out to the faucet. Fortunately his arms are still a bit short in reach.

This is when I caught him in the act. Good thing my camera was out and nearby.

That face. That face. That face. Trying to be innocent.

The Trouble Duo. And this is just the beginning…

Although it was exhausting cleaning up their mess, but it was a moment I really enjoyed seeing them being so happy. Isn’t it part of a must-have childhood experience?


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