High and low


It is more on the low side than the high side as the temperature keep dropping down to the 20s. We woke up with some snow that has accumulated over a few hours of early morning. It is predicted that the temperature will be closer to zero this weekend. I think we will just hibernate like bears and get fat.


The charm of early winter. Just don’t ask me to drive in this weather and I am a happy woman.


3 thoughts on “High and low

      1. Tình yêu từ thuở mấy kiếp trước quá hà.

        Tui cũng nằm mơ thấy 3 mẹ con nhà nàng về xứ cao bồi làm hàng xóm lun nè. Còn thêm cảnh 2 thằng đậu rượt Mèo NHí chạy lòng vòng nữa đó. Đã hông ?? 🙂 🙂

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