wholesome handsomeness

My Bubbly Boo Boo is now 16 months old. He babbles. He chirps. And he is constantly on the move. Unstoppable! He has many bumps and bruise on the forehead. He knows how to make my heart melt with the cute things he does.

These are little notes for me to keep as memories as I tend to go back on my journal entries and read about the boys.

He understands more Vietnamese than English. He can say, mịa (his version for mẹ/mother) banh (ball), chó (dog), Cậu Ba (endearment term for my brother), bà (grandma). When I say, “Khalam hun mẹ miếng” (give Mommy a little kiss) and on cue he would reach for my lips. At bedtime, I say, “Khalam nắm tay mẹ đi ngủ” (Khalam hold my hand and go to bed), he would then give me his hand and then walk together to his bedroom.

He walks around, looking and calling “Aabo” whenever O is on the phone. He gets jealous seeing O and I hugging and kissing. If we hold hands, he would come over and peel O fingers away from mine, then try wedging himself in between us. Yep, daddy cannot take mommy away from him.

One of his favorite physical activities is to pry open the door to the basement whenever someone forgets to lock it. Once it is opened, he would get down on the first step, turn around, and slide down the flight of stairs on his stomach. The first time he did it, I freaked out and running down to the bottom of the stairs to catch him. But all he did was laughing and cracking up at my own hysteria. Good thing that the stairs and the basement floor are all carpeted.

He has a great appetite for food (knock on wood!) and inherits the taste bud from me. He loves soup and noodles, and would try all kind of dishes, unlike PP and O. He eats phở like a pro, and would drink the broth to the last drop.

He is starting to show some interest in sitting down with a book. I try to keep PP’s books away from him and just leave him with board books so that he cannot tear any of the pages off, of which PP gets very upset. His current favorite is The Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.

He is on to size 2T. At the last check-up in October, he was at 25 lbs and 33 inches. My boy has grown so well. 😀 I still breast feed him four to five times a day and will continue to do so until he decides to wean off or until he turns two, whichever comes first.

The winter keeps the boys so cooped up in the house. I try as much as I can to give them variety of activities but they always end up tiring me out before I could to them.

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3 thoughts on “wholesome handsomeness

  1. Kiểu này mà tim không mềm nhũn ra cũng uổng nhen!

    Chụt chụt chàng cái nè!!! (nhìn cái bụng với cặp đùi tròn vo mà muốn cắn quá đi thui)

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