from happy memories to build new happy memories

One of the best things being a stay-at-home mom is having the time to prepare healthy and nutritious meals for the boys. It’s also nice to retrace memories lanes of food from my childhood, and my mother’s cooking that I have embraced. I tend to pick a significant piece of detail to share with them, using all my senses to articulate that same taste in the dish I offer for meals and snack in between.

Today’s mid-day snack is an adaptation from a dish that my mom used to make for us during our first few years in America, bánh tôm chiên (fried whole shrimp with sweet potatoes). I think she had never made this dish when we were living in Vietnam, but because my brothers and I tried it at a Vietnamese restaurant then asked her to make it for us. She indeed found a recipe in one of her old Vietnamese cookbooks and made our wishes came true.

Mid-day snack for the boys: sweet sweet-potatoes cakes, or as PP coined the name, it’s french-fries cakes. 😀 Having two hungry boys clamoring their needs to eat and eat quick, I had little time to prepare. Luckily I could do a quick camera work in between prepping and pan-frying the cakes.

So here it is, my cooking from happy memories to build new and happy memories for the boys 😀 (They better APPRECIATE!!!)

They don’t look good but taste very good. Let’s see what my bosses think of them.

First boss approved, wholeheartedly! He said these are the best french-fries cakes ever. 😀

(French-fries cakes, it is!)

Second boss — taking time to judge the flavor and taste. He slowly savored each bite.

I think second boss wanted to have another piece.

First boss said, can I eat all of them?

Second boss, thinking of something while eating his shares.

As long as these two bosses enjoy my cooking, and giving me the “throne” as their best personal chef in the world…I am a HAPPY MAMA!


One thought on “from happy memories to build new happy memories

  1. Nhìn second boss địa địa phần ăn của first boss mà dzui quá đi thôi. Hai boss nhí này mà ăn ngon lành như vậy là quá đủ rồi héng mẹ đẹp.

    Mẹ đẹp cho ăn ké với coi. Nhìn hấp dẫn quá nè.

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