Random family photos

It has been nice having O home. The kids are just overwhelmed with joy to have daddy as their playmate. However, O also has a series of meetings, both personal and for work, so I am home with the kids on days that he is away.

O is also supposed to be in Nairobi this week for some meetings but fortunately some hiccups about logistics came up and he is not going. Yayyy! But he is going to DC on Sunday for a week for more meetings with some international agencies. We were planning to come along with him but airline tickets during this time of the year seem to cost triple the regular price. Forget it, I am not going to pay almost a fortune. But we are saving up for a family trip in March. My mom always wants to visit DC and see the national monuments as well as the White House so it will be a trip to fulfill her wish.

I also have one news to share but it’s a heartache when I think about it now. Give me a few days and I will write a full update.

Hope all is well. The weather has gotten ridiculously and bitterly cold so the kids and I are home most of the time.

1. Morning playtime with mommy. Boss #2 has now learned the trick of how to climb up to the TV. He pushed the toy box to the side of the table and with that he gained access to higher up places. Boss #1 is always playing super hero. He runs around the house and when needs to make a stop, he would brake by landing on his knees. Scare me every time!
#2. On Sunday we went out to the mall close to our house because I needed some chocolate fix from Godiva. O drove in the snow and sleet just to give me my guilty pleasure. We also went so the kids can play at the play yard at the mall. The selfies were taken while waiting at Cheesecake Factory, our usual place when I am too lazy to cook.


#3. The snow was still falling lightly when we drove home after dinner. The roads were slippery. We saw a few accidents on a short drive home. Why oh why do I live here?

#4. I was putting peanut down for a nap and he looked so adorable that I couldn’t resist taking snap shots of his face, lips, and eye lashes. Why can’t I have lashes like his?

Oh this little peanut scared the shit out of me this afternoon. I put him down for a nap and went to my room to fold laundry. A little while later he started crying and I let him cry for a bit. Then O came home and I asked O to pick him up. O shrieked and called me to come over. We found him standing up in the crib with blood all over the face and shirt. I almost fainted. Fortunately, it’s the dry air from the heat that caused him nosebleed and when he banged his face against the crib end more blood came out. He the smeared the blood all over his face and shirt. It must have been a lot of blood. I was shaken and blaming myself for being a bad mom. I should have ran to him right away when he first started crying. It was one of my worst parenting moments.

#5 and #6. Winter fashion!

They don’t like being bundled up in layers. Peanut cries every time we put him in the car seat with his winter gears all squeezed. It’s so uncomfortable for him.



#7. Kids grow up fast. We had to go to Gap and grabbed snow boots for the boys. PP is size 9 and peanut size 6. Peanut enjoyed sitting on the little chair while O put the shoes on for him.

#8. I woke up one morning and saw PP in his snow suit. I asked him where would he go with that and he said he wanted to go to the backyard. It was 7 in the morning and the temperature was -15 or so degrees. No way I would take him out. He then asked me to bake him a cake. This guy knows how to sway me around.


#9. The peas of my morning. They are just too adorable together.


#10. He and his dinosaur glove he used as super hero in action. Such obsession! Lately he said that he will eat more super food (aka, broccoli and blueberries) so that he can be a strong boy to protect me and peanut against the monsters.

#11. Flowers for mẹ đẹp! I am starting to give him more structured learning sessions every day. This is one of our art sessions. Amongst the robots and super heroes, he drew flowers for me.



3 thoughts on “Random family photos

  1. Ngắm hình mê mẩn luôn. Nhìn chàng PP làm dzậy, mẹ nào mà hổng …….mềm nhũn ta ??

    xoxoxo ba mẹ con nhen. Bữa nay tuyết lạnh lắm rùi heng.

    1. hai cái thằng đậu nhà em nó ngồi yên một chổ hông được chị ơi. Em chụp bằng iphone nên lúc nó chạy mà không đủ ánh sáng nên nó mờ vậy đó.

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