day 15/365

It’s snowing again today. O said that the ground has been covered in white snow since the day he got back. That’s more than a month and a half. We are in the middle of the winter and have giving up forecasting the trend of what it will be for the rest of its term. Last year there was still snow all the way into the first week of May. I don’t expect that we have any less snow or fewer winter days this year. The best bet is to always bundle up in layers.

O is leaving today! He said that he will miss little moments like this. #sweetlivingdays


3 thoughts on “day 15/365

  1. Chạy vào hugs & kisses 3 mẹ con nè nàng ui! Ráng thêm vài tháng nữa rồi cả nhà lại gặp nhau heng! xoxoxo

    PS: Nhìn cảnh 2 cha con này cưng quá đi thôi nè.

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