a golden spring evening

Often times, I take a load of photos of the boys, but never have enough free time to bring them out to the computer and edit them. The boys are growing up way to quickly, and even photos I took just a few weeks ago had them looking a bit different from the present time. I know many years later I will tell myself, and even question my memories, of how they look at a certain age in their childhood. And I will try to dig deeper into the back of my head trying to remember the ways their eyes lit, the slit of their smiles, and the sound of their voices.

Thankfully, I have photos to keep me reminiscing of these moments. 😀 My life with two boys is nothing short of sweet memories, and I strive every day to make it lasting in theirs.



“Life is really simple, but we insisted on making it complicated.”
– Confucius

(To remind myself that living is loving, and loving is living. It is as simple as it sounds!)