full blossom

her beauty – dominated and enchanted
she, blooms like a queen
passionate and thirsty
for love, wanting
and receiving
sweet reveries
magnolia – comes in full blossom (for now!)

3:30 a.m.

It’s amazing how the mind can work up these words at this hour of the night!

Mom’s magnolia tree has finally giving a few blooming blossoms. Just a few, as the long and brutal winter put a damper on the tree’s livelihood. Nevertheless, they are still beautiful.

Here is a note for the memory lane…

I bought this tree for Mom as a gift on Mother’s Day the year I prepared to leave for graduate school. It was 2002; I drove her to a local nursery on Lyndale Ave., on the borderline of Richfield and Minneapolis. I don’t think it was on sale, but I bought it for her even though she protested against spending too much for it. I insisted that it was my gift, so she accepted. I also bought her another magnolia tree (white one), and a cherry tree, but both were at different times. The cherry tree is also blooming this week. I am saving the photos for another post.

Talking about walking down the memory lane…here is another one.

(I am so full of memories today. Insomnia, what the hell are you doing to me right now?)

In Boston, magnolias usually come in full blossoms by the time of the Boston Marathon, which is mid April. I remembered my first year in Boston, I was so enthralled with a sky of pink petals along Newbury Street and Commonwealth Ave right around Boston University area. It was so beautiful, so lovely, and I was in a trance just looking and walking by.

I also have a few memories with O and magnolia seasons in New England. Oh how I miss our dating days; full of vigor and excitement.

(Canon t1i, 50 mm 1.4, at wide open f/1.4, 1/4000, ISO 100)


6 thoughts on “full blossom

    1. Hi Chi, do you remember the name of the Hue restaurant that we went to in Dorchester? Clint and I are trying to find it again.

  1. Xứ cao bồi thì mấy loại magnolia này tàn từ lâu lắc rồi nàng ui. Giờ chỉ còn loại magnolia trắng (cây cao lớn) đang tà tà tỏa hương thôi ờ.

    Mà nè, 2 thằng đậu khỏe lại nhiều chưa dzạ?

    1. thằng đậu anh vẫn còn khọt khẹt ho, thằng em còn sổ mũi. Tui thì mới bị sốt tối hôm qua và sáng nay. Chiều hôm qua chạy qua mẹ để mẹ cạo gió, cái lưng tui bầm tím luôn.

      1. Tội nghiệp quá nè! Thời tiết đang đổi mùa nên ai cũng đau dầm dề mà. Chúc mấy mẹ con em iu mau khỏe nha.

        Chụt chụt chụt nà!

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