yummy victory

PP has turned into a picky eater for a while, and it is frustrating me to no ends. Blame it on O for this eating behavior. I have tried my best to make kid-friendly dishes, and gauged his interest to tweak here and there, adding the right amount of nutritional values in his diet. There were days I just let him go to bed with no food after he refused to eat dinner (please don’t judge — I am not a mean mom, I let him drink milk before bed to make up for the loss of calories and calcium). I just hate the bored look on his face as he slowly and purposely picking bits and pieces of food and forcing himself to eat. Errrrhhhh, that’s the thing that triggers and challenges my patience!

Peanut, on the other hand, is very gung-ho about food and would eat pretty much whatever I put in front of him. He is known among my family members as the trash-can, and garbage disposal. I know, these terms of endearment are a bit too much but they are with love. Knock on woods — I hope he will continue with it and not turn into another picky eater. That day, if it comes, I will resign from my role as the cook in the family and let them, the father and two boys, tend for themselves when it comes to meals.

Today I picked up a recipe to make such a delicious yet simple meal for the boys. Peanut had half of the first one in his mouth, with the second on his hand, then asking for the third. PP, as always, was very reluctant to try. I ignored him and moved along with dinner with Peanut. Then I think PP was hungry seeing us eat our food so deliciously (I deliberatedly over-exaggerated my acting to lure him in) and in a bit later came closer asking to try one. Before I could get a second serving of rice, PP finished five meatballs — that’s a lot for a picky eater like him. Both boys had the glaze sticking to the edges of their mouths, and on their fingers. I let them licked the extra glaze off from the bowl. It was that good!

So it was a triumph, a victory, and a good recipe to add to our menu. And it was made with love!

I wish that I was the one who put together this recipe of beef meatballs with pineapple soy glaze, but apparently, as you know I am not good at cooking, this recipe must come from someone else. That someone else is Ms. Holly of Beyond Kimchi, whose recipes are healthy and easy to follow. I have admired and followed her for years; and of course I also picked up a few dishes from her blog to add to my own menu when I want some Korean food. Thanks, Holly!


chasing after the cherry blossoms

Well, hello there! You have finally arrived. 😀

After a week of torrential rain we had last week and then the rise of warm temperature helped boost the blooming of cherry blossoms. It’s about a month or so late compare to other places, but having these blossoms showing up in mid May is not a bad thing. There are two cherry trees right outside of my home’s window, but they belong to the neighbors. It’s always a lovely sight in the morning when I pulled the blinders up.

I took the boys out to our favorite park in late afternoon, when the sun cast a soft warmth and glow. Perfect time for a photo walk. The boys did not want to go home at all if had it not for a dinner appointment with my family at 8 p.m.

The park is so lovely adorned with these spring beauties, including green ferns and buds along with the grace of cherry blossoms. I took about 200 photos; a bit overly excessive but I just could not help it.

Darker shade of pink cherry blossoms.

Pastel pink, a bit softer.

Velvety and rich red-maroon-ish (I am really bad at describing shades of colors!)

Then I set up the camera and remote control to take photos with the kids. Last year, O was in the photo as a family of four. This year, it’s just the us three.

Peanut is so mobile that I was afraid he would run into the lake so I kept him mostly secured in the stroller.

Our reflection against one of the building’s glass window.

I don’t know where he learned it from, but lately PP likes to “moon” in every photo that I wanted to take of him and with him. I guess it comes with the age, doesn’t it?