tilapia fishcakes, kid-friendly!

Today I told PP that I will make some super fish cakes to go along with his super hero lunch. He thought I would put some magic into the food and was very excited, waiting patiently for me to prepare.

The end result was just a warm reception; he did not like it as much as the meatballs with pineapple soy glaze. I was a bit disappointed! Nevertheless, I paired the fish cakes with some peanut butter and mayo as the dipping sauce and he actually liked the combination. So I made it up that the dipping sauce was the super hero highlight of the meal. He asked me to make it again later for dinner. *phew* I thought all effort was wasted.

Every successful (or even half successful) meal counts at our house!

My little helper of the day. He wanted to play with the food. I would have spent a day to clean up the dinning area if I had let him play with it. This little guy is a trouble maker, an adorable one!

OMG, he is turning 22 months soon. I need to start planning his second birthday.


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