a dream in plurality

Today PP told me that he has so many dreams — to be a robot builder (currently into robots), a paleontologist (like the guy in that PBS show), a clown (this is very obvious), a dancer (like MJ!), an octonaut (he meant astronaut), and a trash pick up guy (not sure where this comes from).

It’s quite funny and cute how he has all these dream at this age, and the innocence that infuses into each of his dream job in the future.

Last night I told him that he needs to speak more Vietnamese words so that he can sing more Vietnamese songs. He then told me, Mama, but I am only half Vietnamese, I know only half words so I can’t speak, Mama!

I love this boy. He is full of quirkiness!


5 thoughts on “a dream in plurality

  1. hahahha thì mày hát nửa bài thôi thằng cu kia hahha
    Nó nói chuyện cute ko chịu nổi hahahah

    1. Nó thích làm anh hề hơn chị ơi. Mà bây giờ nhỏ thì nói nhiều vậy chứ em không biết mai mốt thì sao. Sợ mai mốt ổng đổi tánh cạy mồm không nói một tiếng nữa chứ

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