The first of June

He came home with a fever and looking emaciated — skin and bones, like a walking skeleton. That country really zapped his physical being and spirit. I am glad he decided to come home early.

He told me stories that filled with sadness and death that he witnessed over there. Stories of people he knew and those who lived within his peripheral. There was always someone whose family members, relatives and friends were touched by violence and unnecessary death caused by greed and corruption.

At least he had the opportunity to go back to his home country, and with his own eyes seeing these things so that moving forward he would have neither regret nor resentment. One thing checked off the bucket list!

I now have my husband back, and it’s ok that he is not a hero. I already have a four-year-old superhero at home!

1/30 days of June


9 thoughts on “The first of June

  1. Glad to hear that he’s home safe eventhough he’s “skin and bones, like a walking skeleton”.

    The important is the whole family is together again!


    1. Đúng đó chị. Bây giờ có job nào mà lương cao gấp hai ba lần ở đó O cũng không trở lại nữa đâu chị. O đã chán cái xã hội chó táp mèo đó rồi

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