Day two – two is better than one

It seems like we are adjusting to O’s schedule; he is sick and jet lagged, (double whammy here) and on a telepathic level, we are too.

On day two of him being home, we woke up early – think 5 a.m. – and I made an awesome breakfast of French toast and turkey bacon. He missed eating this kind of breakfast during the time he was there so I let him indulge in the goodness of anything he wants to eat. He also needs to gain a lot of weight so I am now on a mission. (He lost 30 lbs, and I think I gained that much, how ironic!)

We also visited Mom in the afternoon. Taking one look at O she said he is a refugee who just arrived to a new land because of his lethargic look. She fed him phở and let him rest for a little bit. We were there for a few hours and left around 7 p.m. As soon as we got home we all went to bed.

That was the end of our day two.

P.S. Random note I want to keep

Yesterday we stopped by a grocery store for me to pick up milk and cereal for O. I also bought a jar of Nutella for him as it is his favorite spreading for bread. Nutella is a jar of sugar indulgence so when O is away I don’t let the kids eat any. But anyway, I bought it for O because he does not like the Whole Foods’ version of it.

When I got back in the car, I told O that because I love him so much I let him have this jar to indulge. Then from the back seat of the car, PP said, “that’s what we call true love!” Just out of no where, he said that in a very casual tone, making me and O laughing out loud.


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