Day three — three men and one “me”

Day three is better than day two.

O is feeling better, a whole lot better now that his fever/cold/cough is gone and he gained a little more energy. His jet lagged is subsided even though his body thinks it is bedtime around 3 p.m.

We got to go out and walk around our favorite park. Seeing the boys being jolly happy around O just gave me that nice and warm feeling, that having two parents to dote on them is better than having one.

Today O asked if I want a third baby to add to the family. This is something we have been talking about and I am just going back and forth on the decision. Honestly I really want to have a daughter, someone to add to the female population at our house since I am outnumbered by three. Also, growing up with five brothers and being the only girl among the crowd was not easy; I was and still am constantly craving for the bond of sisterhood. I always wonder what it would be like if I were to have one. I know whatever god gives we will accept, but it is too much to wish for a daughter?

Anyway, we still have a few months to plan for it if I decide to go through another pregnancy and all the things we have to do to bring another child to life. Right now O needs to find a job first and gives us that secured base of finance. As for me, I am still unsure if I could be up for the challenge of being 38 and pregnant. It is going to be my last pregnancy and c-section.

The weird thing is…I have been seeing pregnant women everywhere I go, particularly at playgrounds and parks. And every time I see one, I got a bit jealous and envious. Some foresight, I guess! Either that or my biological clock is ticking like it is a timed bomb.

Day 3 out of 30.


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