Day five – a well-deserved nap for me

I am glad to start this “30 days of June” series just to document the daily life that we live now that O is back for good. It may appear that these posts are just very ordinary, and they are. But I am sure many years later when the boys are all grown up I will look back at this time of our lives with great fondness.

It is nice to have a normalcy, and to have another person to take care of the boys and give me few little breaks in between. It is nice that I don’t have to take the kids everywhere I go or to worry about leaving them at the babysitter while running errands.

O is really good handling the boys, and today I had time to take a nap and deep clean the stove. Well, not doing both simutaneously, mind you, but the nap really helped to reenergize for the stove cleaning. And then, while I was making dinner O took the boys down to the basement and built a cave for them. They love that kind of entertainment that I could barely keep up if I were to do it alone. Trust me, if you spend a few hours with my boys, they will make sure to exhaust you to the very end.

Talking about dinner, I made chicken curry with lots of sweet potatoes, just the ways my boys like them. O commented that it was the best curry I have made thus far. We have half a pot of left over for lunch tomorrow. It will be even better the day after. Yum!

Anyway, today O also took me to the doctor for an emergency visit due to having a bladder infection. I know, too much fun time in bed with O now that he is home. *wink* *wink* I am fine now but was in lots of pain last night. The doctor gave me antibiotics and I will be back to normal in three days, I hope. I should have drank more cranberry juice.

O does not like to have his pictures taken because he looks sickly. He told me to give him a month or so to get back into shape. Hence, he is on a mission of carb and fat galore.

(I weighed myself at the doctor office today and I am ten freaking pounds heavier than my husband. Unbelieveable!)

I snapped these with my iPhone while he was napping on the couch and hugging his little Peanut. Just don’t tell him I post his picture here.



And the boys having their reading time before bed.





9 thoughts on “Day five – a well-deserved nap for me

    1. ốm nhôm ốm nhách như dân tị nạn mới ở trại qua vậy đó. Mẹ tui nhìn mà còn thở dài nữa. Tay chân gì toàn là lòi xương, ghê lắm.

      1. mà giờ có vợ bồi bổ cho thì vài hôm là lại trở lại như thường ngay thôi mà héng. Hổng chừng còn lên cân ào ào luôn cho coi.

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