Day six — the early birds

I am having a slump in commitment to this summer series of “30 Days of June.” There is no other excuse than being too busy and lazy at the same time. Busy to get things organized around the house, and lazy was when in between doing those things I took naps and caught up to my Korean dramas.

On Friday, the 6th of June, we woke up fairly early to catch the worms. This pancake house that we often go for breakfast is notorious for having long lines of customers waiting. Sometimes on the weekends we have to wait up to an hour just to get a table. To avoid the crowd, we went there early and got a nice table for four within five minutes. The boys enjoyed the pancakes and egg soufflé while I ordered a plain jane cup of oat meals.


5 thoughts on “Day six — the early birds

      1. Hai tuần nay ông O tìm job nên cũng đi ra ngoài hơi nhiều, tui ở nhà coi hai thằng đậu. Hay là O đem thằng anh theo còn tui giữ thằng em. Vậy nên cũng đở lắm.

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