Day eight – fun day with the water sprinkler

My mom came over today to see the boys.

As always, she brought a long boxes of food — stir fried noodles, egg rolls, lotus stem salad (gỏi ngó sen), and a bunch of sorrel leaves for me.

We let the boys, their cousin Bean Sprout, and two kids from our next door neighbors to play in the backyard. They were running around chasing each other in full sun. The weather was nice, in mid 70s. I made bubbles for them to blow; they fought and wrestled each other for turns of the bubble bottle. Our lawn was fairly damp with rainwater from earlier this week, so all of them got mud all over their faces, arms, and legs.

I decided to turn on the water sprinkler and let them run around in water mist. They slid along the wet grass, they laughed, they cried, then after an hour they shivered in goosebumps and purple lips. Nevertheless, they refused to come in to dry up.

This is Peanut, looking out from PP’s room, still wanting to go outside to play with the water. He probably resented me for bringing him in early while the other kids still have fun.

And just when he thought that I was not looking, he snuck himself out at the front door, trying to pry open the door with his tiny fingers.

…and these are one of my favorite greens: French sorrels. My mom grow them in her backyard.


7 thoughts on “Day eight – fun day with the water sprinkler

      1. Mẹ tui lần nào ghé chơi cũng mần 1 mớ bánh it nhân dừa và nhân đậu nữa cho mấy mẹ con mê ăn vặt này á nhỏ. Thiệt tình là lâu rồi tui hổng mần mà cũng hổng ăn bánh it nhân dừa lại đó nha.

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