Day nine — summer in the park

If I were to have money to afford a piece of nice property, I would totally buy a house right here at this park. Although we have many nice parks in the area, this is probably our favorite of all. We come here almost two to three days out of the week in the summer, and usually after the walk, we stopped by Whole Foods to pick up some grocery. It is so convenient!

The summer that I was heavily pregnant with Peanut (that was two years ago!), most days after work I would take PP here not only to walk, but also to have a picnic. At that time O was still traveling five days out of the week so PP and I had a lot of time to ourselves. The sun would set around 8:30 p.m. or 9 p.m. at the peak of summer. Now that we move far away from the area, we come here less frequently, but whenever we choose to go for a walk, we take a drive here.

And they have events for people of all ages and interests throughout the summer — movies every Thursday at 7 p.m., Farmer Market also on Thursdays, on Tuesday at noon they have music and entertainment for little toddlers, on Sundays they have jazz concerts or orchestra playing beautiful music. I mean, that’s just to name a few!

The farmer market will commence its first day for the summer season this week. I cannot wait to see what the merchants will bring with them.

Here are the glimpses into our lives, and the boys’ childhood!


7 thoughts on “Day nine — summer in the park

  1. Hình mấy mẹ con dễ thương quá đi. Thích cái áo chấm bi đó á nàng. Cute!

    Tấm hình PP làm mặt ngầu nhìn dễ thương thì thôi luôn à.

      1. Đúng rồi. Áo Mẹ tặng thì phải quý chứ. Mà tui đâu có thấy lỗi thời gì đâu? Vẫn instyle đàng hoàng mờ. Thích mấy kiểu chấm bi vậy á em iu.

      2. tui là dân mẹt quê nên mặc toàn đồ lỡ thời của mấy năm trước. Nói thiệt là trong bốn người ở nhà thì đồ của tui là ít nhất.

      3. tui cũng quê 1 cục đây nè, chuyên môn mặc đồ lỡ thời của năm trước không mà. Mà kệ luôn, miễn sao thấy thoải mái thui ờ. Tui hổng dám chạy đua theo thời trang đâu em iu ơi!


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