Day 12 — guilt and pleasure

I had two hours of “me time” today.

I told O earlier in the day that while he was watching the first World Cup game between Brazil and Croatia, he can also keep the boys at home with him. As for me, I gotta get myself to the first farmer market at the park and check out the first crops. When I am done, I will be home to make dinner. It was a good bargain.

So he told me to go. There I was, driving away from the house without the boys, turning on the music that I like and singing whatever tunes my heart desired. It was a complete refresher — no whining, no fighting, no demanding from anybody in the car. I put my shades on, rolled down the window and let the wind blow my hair into madness. The drive was only five minutes long, and I enjoyed every single second. Enjoyment and guilt are not exclusive, though. Whenever I am away from the boys, I feel a bit guilty. But I enjoyed my time being away, just for two hours because I needed it.

So that was the “guilt” — being away from the kids and having my own way of fun. Well, that’s my kind of fun, so boring, but fun nonetheless. However, I knew that they would have fun time staying home with O, too, so the guilt was not too folded.

And then came the pleasure. Oh yeah, the PLEASURE!

These two small bites of sweet and salty pleasure. It threw my low-carb and low-sugar diet off the track, but hallelujah, I floated up there among the rainbow cotton balls. Fifty-nine cents a piece, I got four, ate three and hid one.

I did not even share it with O. That was my guilty pleasure; it’s all mine!

Oh and the farmer market, the damn winter ruined their crops, particularly that late April frost that lengthened the winter and cut short spring. Not many vegetable farmers were there, only three, to be exact, and they offered the exact produces, no variety.

I bought two bunches of red radishes ($1/each), a bucket of mixed young lettuce ($2/bucket), a bunch of green spring onion ($1/each), two bunches of spinach ($1/each), and a bottle of pure raw grade A honey for $10. They are all locally ground and produced; that’s one thing I love about living in Minnesota (summer only!) because of the strong support for sustainable farming.

…and after the guilt and pleasure, I went home and made a freaking good pot of caramelized coconut-ginger chicken for dinner.


3 thoughts on “Day 12 — guilt and pleasure

  1. Thiệt đúng là mâu thuẫn heng, ở với tụi nhỏ ồn ào náo nhiệt riết quen rồi. Nhiều khi vắng có vài phút, thấy im re thì lại nhớ quá xá luôn.

    Farmer market gần nhà vậy là tha hồ ghé mua rau quả tươi về ăn rồi hơ. Tui lâu lâu cũng khoái mé mấy cái farm gần nhà để mua rau quả lắm vì tươi rói hà.

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