Day 14 — where did my summer go?

Rain rain go away!!!

That’s what PP said when he stood at the window in the dining room looking out to the backyard that was full of rain water. The fierce blustery of wind shook the tall pine tree at the end of the yard, and scared him a bit. He was crestfallen observing the rain, and he sighed. “Oh rain rain go away, come again another day!”

I was standing in the kitchen, preparing lunch. He turned towards me and asked, “Mommy, when do we have another picnic in the backyard?” He sounded dejected, “this rain is bothering me!” Poor my baby, he has not been out to the yard or the park with all the heavy and stormy rain. I promised him that the rain will go away, soon, and we will have another picnic.

And that reminded me of our “sunset bistro” time a few weeks ago. I never get around to edit these photos from the flashcard. So this is a retro throwback to the end of May, when the sun was nice and warm, when in the evenings we had picnic then blew bubbles in the backyard, when we were able to go to the lake and play with sand at the beach.

My boys want their summer back!

(Well, technically, we are still in late spring.)


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