Day 16 — Go U.S.A!!!

It’s another stormy and rainy day so we decided to stay in. Like I said, it’s nice to have two grown-ups around the house to divide and conquer household chores. While doing the laundry O was also watching World Cup games and entertaining the kids while I managed to do other work and put on the stove a pot of chicken phở.

Two is always better than one.

During half-time of the U.S. v.s. Ghana game, we paused the DVR to have dinner. Four bowls of hot and aromatic chicken phở filled up the table. When we were all full and satisfied we returned to the living room to watch the rest of the game.

When the second goal was made for the U.S., O and I jumped and hugged and shouted and cheered. The boys did the same. They kept chanting, U.S.A! U.S.A!!!

Peanut could not say U.S.A, but also joined in with his own, “Eth A!” and “Goallll”

I hope our home team will go far in this World Cup, now that they won over Ghana, that would surely push some good morale for the team.


5 thoughts on “Day 16 — Go U.S.A!!!

  1. Hôm qua cả nhà xem Mỹ “trả nợ tình xa” với mấy chàng Ghana. Khi gần chót, lúc JBrooks ghi bàn để nâng điểm lên 2-1 là cả nhà già trẻ lớn bé đều reo hò tưng bừng luôn. 🙂 🙂

    Go team USA!

  2. Chi la co dong vien cua doi Ha Lan, ong xa me Brasil, lu con nit yeu doi Duc, hu hu…nha em vay la may do, khong gay lon luc coi World Cup !!!! Enjoy the lovely time !!!!!

    1. ôi ôi, nhà chị có bốn người mà chia năm xẻ bảy vậy hả? Nhà em thì ai cũng đồng lòng ủng hộ U.S.A. vì cả nhà ai cũng là “Mỹ” hết. 😀 Còn lúc đội Ivory Coast chơi với đội Nhật thì nhà em lại chia ra làm hai. 😀

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