Day 17 — the moment

If there will be a moment I would recall in the future, either near or far, that my son is growing into a man, then that would be on the 17th day of June, in the year of 2014. It was the moment when I looked at him and realized that his baby-ness is replaced by a level of masculinity, albeit a mix of boyish immaturity.

At that particular moment when I looked at him, just the way his eyes lit, his lips gave me a smirk, and his arms folded, I knew that it is my job to raise him well, and that he is going to be a good human being — I want other people to love and embrace him the way I do now, and the way I always will.


9 thoughts on “Day 17 — the moment

  1. Mờ công nhận anh chàng PP nhanh lớn thiệt chớ nàng ui. Mai mốt lớn lên là mẹ được nhờ lắm rồi đây nè.

    Handsome boy! úi lộn …young man chứ! 🙂 🙂


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