Day 18 — the city of lakes

I have nothing to brag about this state — long, snowy, and freezing winter that last for more than six months, corn- and soy fields take over 50 percent of land mass, no big tourist attraction (if you don’t count the Mall of America), and the geographical location alone just make it a boring place to visit.

I mean, who would just look at the map of the U.S. and say, “oh, I have some extra money, I want to visit Minnesota!” No, I would not do that either, because my ideal destination when I have some extra dough in my pocket would be somewhere with real beaches and coconut trees, not Minnesota!

But comes summer, this is the place of outdoor life!

I guess I can brag about that, and that we have more than 10-thousand lakes to keep everyone water-happy. 😀 It’s green every where, and there are lots of space. Kids get the priority of having free and well-kept public parks. I think there is a park/walking trail at every half a mile in this city.

This is the family-friendly state. Even O fell in love with it, although not at first sight.

Sometimes I just wish that the weather is always like this, and there is no cold winter to worry about. But that would take a severe effect of global warming to happen. So for now we enjoy every single day of warm summer that comes to us. I will worry about the winter later, perhaps in four months!

— Snapshots of our lives : D


5 thoughts on “Day 18 — the city of lakes

  1. Khoái cảnh hồ nước khắp nơi dzậy á. Bởi dzậy nên khi tìm mua nhà, thấy nhà (đang ở) gần mấy hồ nước là tui khoái à.

    Mùa này trên đó mát mẻ rùi heng. Cả nhà dắt nhau dạo phố, đi chơi dzui rồi. Còn xứ cao bồi đang nóng rồi nè, hết dám bò ra đường luôn (vì chợ chết cháy). Nếu có ra ngoài thì toàn nhảy xuống hồ tắm trốn nắng nóng không hà.

    1. Mình nói ngườii iu nghe nha, mình mà trúng số mấy triệu là mình mua cái winter house ở đó để mùa đông trốn lạnh rồi mùa hè thì trở lại đây chơi. Sung sướng chưa? Mới có mơ thôi mà nghe đã tai rồi

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