Day 22 — potty training in progress

I have successfully weaned Peanut off from breastfeeding. I mean, not that everyone needs to know, but I just want to record this milestone for him, just in case he wants to know the trivial details and then tell his future girlfriend about it. *Phew* It had been nearly 23 months of being a milking-cow and took me a week to finally get the job done. There was one or two infractions on the first two days when he wailed and fussed about not getting closer to his target. Luckily I have PP and O to keep him busy and entertained so that he forgot what he was crying for in the first place. My other method when O and PP were not home was to apply some mint ointment on top of the bull-eyes and that really deterred him from latching on. He would look and smell, then smile, then smirk, then got upset at me for putting such weird thing on his most prized target. But the ointment got the job done; so there it was.

Now we are onto potty training.

This is harder than we thought, and it took him more time to get familiarized with the routine compare to that of PP’s. O is doing all the work because he is more consistent and I am not very good at following the routine. Besides, whenever I am sitting there waiting with Peanut, he would call me, “Mom, mom, mom!” and if I ignore him or don’t answer he would change into “mama, mama, mama!” just like that Stewie kid in the show The Family Guy. It was pretty hilarious and I broke out in laughter which did not help the situation.

And then once in a while PP would poke his head in front of the bathroom door and tell Peanut, “Here Khalam, this is what you have to do, say Poop, come out, Poop, come out!” He gesticulated the hand motion — palm placing on the stomach area first and then strike it out into the air — for the added effect. “Poop, come out!”

Of course, the little Peanut cannot speak a whole sentence yet, he could only make an attempt on his own, “PPOof, Out, POof, Out!” but followed what PP had shown him with the hand motion.

Watching these two boys interacting with each other in the most childish and innocent way really make my day. Hmmm, if only they could stay like this forever!

If only.


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