Day 25 — five more days until July

This morning O went out early for a couple of meetings. leaving me and the boys at home for a few hours. We slept in a little bit then woke up to have simple breakfast of cereal and milk. Usually I make French toast, crepes, pancakes, or egg omelette, but they requested to have cereal instead.

The day was cool and PP said we have not played in the backyard “in a long long time, Mama!” (his words in begging/guilt-tripping tone) so I let them run free in the newly mowed lawn. They spent good time climbing, swinging, tagging each other. We also went around looking for bugs — bug busters — and identifying each one like all scientists would do. Actually we were just making up names of random ants passing by — ant-osauruses!

Were were also singing Vietnamese songs. All of a sudden PP asked me to teach him the children songs and a few that he already knew. This boy has gotten more interest in learning Vietnamese, mostly through songs that I sing to him. And most songs I sing aren’t the children kind.

O came home around noon and took over the captain-of-the-ship role for me to do other things. I then saw my neighbor’ beautiful rose blossoms spilling over our yard and decided to do some fancy with them. I took our the tripod, the camera and the wireless remote to have some romance with these roses.

Breakfast time

Peanut put the bowl on his head, still with some milk and soggy cereal left, and refused to take it off until I told him that we were going to play outside.

Play time in the backyard

fancying the roses
More to come as I have to edit them.

Since I have no one to model for me, I need to use myself to do some practices. I think I am getting better at self-portrait.

P.S. I was wearing one of O’s dress shirts.


11 thoughts on “Day 25 — five more days until July

  1. Ahhh…. em mac ao mau xanh yeu thich cua chi. Chi chi mac quan jean va ao xanh nhu vay thoi. Nhung chi thay em mac rat dep. Hai anh chang dep trai ngay mot dep trai do.

  2. more self-portrait, please!!!

    Nhìn Peanut đội cái tô trên đầu sao giống kiểu Mèo Nhí quá. Cứ ăn cereal xong là vác cái tô đội lên đầu luôn à. Chịu thua luôn.

      1. Ừa, ở gần là cho Chuột Nhắt & Mèo Nhí ra làm mẫu cho dì Trang chụp rồi. Gì chớ, nói đến chụp hình là 2 nàng mê lắm. 🙂

      2. Ái chà, cảnh này dzui à nhen. Mà chờ vài hôm có bông Điên Điển sau nhà rồi ra chụp hình kiểu ….quê nhà vậy heng. 🙂 🙂

    1. em vẫn vậy không mập không ốm. Dạo này em diet theo kiểu low-carb để tránh mai mốt có bầu không bị diabetes đó chị.

      Cái này là seo po cháy, không phải seo phì nhá.

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