Day 27 — last-minute plan; failed

My brother and his new wife are going to Chicago for the July 4th weekend so O and I were thinking of making the trip with them. But at the last minute, most of the hotels we want to stay were all booked and the ones with availability are super expensive, like in the $400-$500/night. I am not going to pay that much just for a night of sleep. And the relatively less expensive hotels are either too far out from the city or within the city but has that dungy feel/atmosphere. Last minute planning is not always ideal, but it was just at a spur of the moment that we decided to go.

Anyway, the plan failed, so we are sticking around the cities and will find places for the kids to have fun for Fourth of July. Perhaps we might take them to a kiddie pool or one of the lake-beaches in Minnetonka. O also wants to watch the semi-final of the World Cup game at home, so I think we are all good with our stay-cation and save some good money. 😀

P.S. O is having a job interview next week!

I am still fancying the roses over at my neighbor’s house. They are peeking over the fences to greet me. *Knock knock* — Hello!

Aren’t they beautiful?

I want to ask my neighbor to help me planting these in the front yard next year, along with more peonies.


9 thoughts on “Day 27 — last-minute plan; failed

      1. em iu chơi ác tui nhen. Tui lâu nay hổng uống trà hay cà phê được em à. Tui chỉ nước trái cây hay nước lọc thui ờ! 😉 Cho tui ôm ly nước trái cây ngồi đây chờ nhen. 😉 khì khì khì

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