Day 29 — Chinese food (or is it Chinese American food?)

Chinese food was not on our plan for the day. Originally we were planning to attend the Food Truck fest, which has been on my radar for a week. I don’t really like food from the food trucks for no particular reason, perhaps they are way overrated and a bit more expensive than comparable stationary eating establishments. Anyway, I just wanted to experience for the first time of the Food Truck fest and see if the food are as good as other people have told me.

But after rounding a few blocks to find a parking spot, and then walking half a mile in the scorching sun and sweltering heat, we decided to go back as soon as we arrived. First of all, it is not a family-friendly event with the heat, and it was too overly crowded. The first food truck we saw had people lining up at least a block or so. Ok, maybe I over exaggerate, but the line was way too long for us to stand waiting with two hungry boys in tow. There were little leeway to push the strollers and for PP to ride his bike among the crowd. I was afraid that the kids will have heat stroke if we were to wait in line to get the food, which was not guaranteed if it was worth the price. I am skeptical, I know, but if I have to spend 20 minutes waiting in that weather condition, the food that I purchase would rather be good than being a disappointment.

And so for that few reasons, we decided to walk back, hopped on the car, veered away from the crowd and traffic congestion then headed to Dinkytown for Chinese food.

Sitting in an air-conditioned place and taking our time enjoying the food was a safe experience, but I’d rather do that than torturing the boys with the heat outside.

P.S. Day 29 of 30 days!


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