83F and phở pot on the stove

Cooking phở on a hot day.

I have all the windows open. Birds are chirping in a collective harmony, singing songs of summer love. It is 83F degrees outside but cool breezes make the thick green leaves rustling atop the trees in the back yard and sending draft through the screened windows into my kitchen. Refreshing.

And the aromatic phở spices — cinnamon, cloves, star anise — wafting up a similar sense of comfort around the house. It will take another five hours or so for the phở broth to reach its peak. For now I let it simmer. Our dinner will be awesome.

The kids are with O on errands. I am left at home, all by myself.

Can I have more days like this and not being too greedy?




6 thoughts on “83F and phở pot on the stove

  1. Looks yummy, is it ready yet? I have not had lunch yet. 5 more hours? I think I will run back to Costco and get italian sausage to hold me over :). Anytime you want your time, just send the hubby and kids on “honey do list” errands.

    1. I usually make more than we could eat and end up putting left over broth in the freezer. It’s too hot but I am craving for phở. How odd.

      Yeah it is nice to send the husband and the kids away for a few hours. O is usually very good with that. On the flip side, I have the kids and he has his two-hour gym time. Equal opportunities!

      1. That’s nice to have appreciative hubby like O. Hope the pho was delicious. I am still hungry.

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