whimsical light in the night sky

O and I took the kids to downtown for the fireworks spectacular. We have moved to Minnesota for three years and this July 4th was the first time that we joined the crowd. The boys loved being out late at night like this, and seeing the awesome fireworks was the sweet cherry on top.

I brought my camera and the 50 mm portrait lens, not an ideal lens for fireworks photography. I don’t have a zoom lens to take on the fireworks of this kind so I accepted the limitation. This is how it turned out from where I was sitting, which was quite a distance from the barge.


Then I decided to put on manual focus, and went for the blur on purpose, because the limit I have on this lens would not do any justice for the beautiful fireworks of the night.

And here they are…

Wow! Flower petals were shoot up to the night sky and falling down with sparkles.

Fairy dusts, in green.

“..and the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air..” Feeling quite patriotic seeing this one!

These below look like dahlia flowers of different colors.

This one looks like a green peony blossom, or maybe it’s a sunflower.

How about a flaming red rose to heat up the night’s passionate love? Fancy me some more, please!

Whimsical pinwheel, anyone?

Here is one picture of watching cars coming through from a bridge. We were sitting at one end of the bridge, right on the sidewalk.

…and the bridge itself.