Mid-night hunger

Watching Korean drama and variety shows at night has become my habit, a bad one for that matter. The worst part of all is when they show segments of food and that is the part when K-drama/shows have the upper hand to my stomach, and also my low-carb no-late-night-eating regiment.


That reminds me, we had a very good Korean meal last Friday in Schaumburg, a suburban town right next to Chicago O’Hare AirPort. You know it is a good place when families speaking Korean flocking into the restaurant and also buzzing in the lobby area waiting to be seated at 9 p.m. The food was great and the spread of banchan alone was worth the money and the wait. The servers were refilling our side dishes so often that I felt bad about wasting. As a result, I ate them all. The seafood tofu soup was just right, with the right amount level of heat that balance the softness melt-in-your-mouth tofu. I wish that I did not chomp down on too much of the side dishes to save room for the soup. If it were in MN, I would have asked for a doggy bowl to bring the soup home for next day’s meal.

Anyway, Koreana Restaurant in Schaumburg, off of North Salem Drive, is highly recommended by me, in case you are in the area and could not beat the god-forsaken traffic to get into Chicago. Even O agreed that it was the best thus far. He even said that he would not mind driving 6+ hours to here for the food.

Unlike the Friday before when we tried another Korean outpost (name: Korean Grill) in Woodbridge, VA, after reading good reviews on Yelp. We arrived late and I wanted some spicy tofu soup so I browsed Yelp. The place was not too far from the hotel where we stayed so I figured that since it is close, got good reviews, and how hard can a kimchi tofu soup would be made to get it wrong? Darn it, I should not trust glorious praises from yelpers who are not familiar with authentic Korean food. I should have known and learned my lesson. We paid an arm and a leg for bad food that make us sick and a major lost-for-words disappointment. When we talked to the owner about the dishes, he was offended that we even dare to criticize him. WTF? How the hell did the place get all good reviews just baffle me, utterly baffled! I am not a picky nitty gritty foodie but even I cannot tolerate the shit they served then you know how bad of an eating establishment it is.

If you are in Woodbridge, VA, and crave for Korean food, stay away from Korean Grill, avoid this place at all cost. I will soon put my review on Yelp about this place because it is a sham, I tell you, it’s a sham. Consider this as my public service announcement!

Now if you don’t mind, I have to go to bed hungry. So much for a mid-night hunger!


8 thoughts on “Mid-night hunger

  1. Lol, I thought that was your mid-night snack. My bad. Sound like you are a Korean food connoisseur. As for me, I just eat.

    1. I am just a regular foodie who loves to explore and be adventurous, not a connoisseur. That term is for serious foodies who take awesome photos and write awesome words about their eating experience.

  2. Nàng và mấy ng` còn xem phim bộ Đại Hàn đuợc nhen, chớ sao tui coi được 10-15 phút là chán rồi (hay hết tâm trí để xem phim bộ ta ??)

      1. lâu lâu tui xem phim 1 tập thôi thì may ra, chứ bảo coi phim bộ là chào thua, chịu không nổi cách kéo dài câu chuyện á nàng ui! 😉 Cho dù có giai đẹp cũng chịu lun à ….Chắc tui bị lạc hậu thiệt rùi quá!

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