Knife cut

Got a knife cut from splitting the chicken quarter leg yesterday as I prepared dinner for the boys. It did not look like a deep cut but the blood kept oozing out. I have thrombocytopenia, which is a blood thinning condition, and hence the flow of blood continue to ooze even after I cleaned, disinfected the area, and put on a band aid.

PP went into the bathroom and brought his favorite kind of band aid for me, as soon as he walked into the kitchen where I stood, he said, “Here mommy, Dora comes to the rescue!”

Warning: there will be blood!


But at least the chicken was very good, worth the pain.



5 thoughts on “Knife cut

  1. Mà hỏi thiệt nè, có giọt nào thấm vào đùi gà hông đó ? Khai thiệt đi! 🙂 🙂 …ha ha ha

    Anh chàng PP ra dáng anh Hai thiệt lun heng. Cưng quá đi! (Ủa, mà sao không phải superman mà lại là Dora dzậy chời ?? Có phải ý nhắc mẹ sanh em gái hông ta ?? …..hì hì hì)

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