Farmer Market

I love going to the big farmer market in Minneapolis. Love it! It’s teeming with vendors and people of all backgrounds. The sounds and sight of the place just set me back to a sweet corner my childhood in Viet Nam.

After watching a documentary about the lives and livelihood of hard working farmers, I appreciate them so much and have stopped bargaining for a better price.




Today, for 9 dollars, I bought:

1. A bunch of young pumpkin vine tips, $1.


2. A bunch of long snakey beans in purple color, which is a rare thing, $1.

3. A bunch of cải ngọt, I don’t know the English equivalence of its name, but it is within the bok choy family, $1.


4. The most expensive item I bought is a crown of broccoli for $2. Like I said, I know the farmers work hard to bring these fresh produces to us so I don’t bargain anymore.


5. I love green scallions and they are a must-have in my fridge along with fresh garlic and cilantro. These are in a good size bunch for a dollar.


6. I couldn’t resist these carrots ($2), they are super sweet and crunchy as snack. I added them to my pot roast today.

7. Not pictured are four limes for a dollar; they are not technically local produces. The listed price was three for a dollar but the vendor told me to get four for the same price.

I also wanted to get some water spinach (rau muống), bitter melons, tomatoes, and kales but I ran out of cash. It was also because I don’t have enough space in my modest size fridge to fit them all. There is it, another reason to go to the farmer market next weekend.


Pot roast


Six hours from now we will have some mouth-watering piece of pot roast. It’s been a while since the last time I used my Crockpot.

Pot roast’s companion for dinner is garlic noodles. Yum!


Three hours in, the pot roast look like this.


I slightly pan fried the root vegetables (sweet potatoes, red potatoes, and carrots) with garlic to get a bit charred on the outside but not cooked then I put them in the Crockpot.

Three more hours to go!