Pot roast


Six hours from now we will have some mouth-watering piece of pot roast. It’s been a while since the last time I used my Crockpot.

Pot roast’s companion for dinner is garlic noodles. Yum!


Three hours in, the pot roast look like this.


I slightly pan fried the root vegetables (sweet potatoes, red potatoes, and carrots) with garlic to get a bit charred on the outside but not cooked then I put them in the Crockpot.

Three more hours to go!



5 thoughts on “Pot roast

      1. Awesome, I just got home from my auntie place. She is taking up my challenge, now I lost the weight. It’s her turn. I’ll see in 3 months. It’s hard to be a cook and look good at the same time. Just saying….. lol.

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