It was this day and date six years ago that we signed the legal bond; a quiet ceremony in the most simple form of convention that two people agreed to go through thick and thin together. On that day, O picked me up from work and we headed to the town hall. It was a nice evening, but many people were in remembrance of 9/11 event. We, on the contrary, chose to celebrate it in a special way.

We had no witnesses other than the Justice of Peace to officiate the marriage, who also served as the town hall manager, and who happened to be our neighbor. The vow was a cookie-cutter version that was already written by the Justice of Peace, or perhaps she copied it from elsewhere, and we followed her lead as she read it aloud for us to repeat.

The ceremony last no longer than 15 minutes, including the time needed for filing paper work prior to and after. We did not put too much emphasis on the ceremony itself; no fanfare, no big feast, no crowd that I need to worry about. But it was important because we emphasized on the two of us and our bond that became official, at least by law.

That weekend, we celebrated with three of our good friends. We ate some good and expensive food in Little Italy and then drank wine until the wee hours of the night. It was one of the best celebrations in my life.

Till these days, I am very glad that I did not go through a big and lavish wedding ceremony. I guess I am just an anomaly.


3 thoughts on “Six

  1. Awesome. It would be an anomaly if neither of you was wedded. But what do I know right chi.. I also used to celebrate today until that faithful day. Now, I try not to think about today.

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