First day of autumn

So it is here. The season of falling leaves.

This morning when I came into Peanut’s room and opened the blinder, he was standing in his crib yelling, Mama, leaf! as he was looking out of the window. He loves picking up leaves on the ground whenever we walk at the park. If he sees a leaf he would stop and pick that leaf up. Here Mama, leaf. Pretty leaf! and he asks me to kneel down to his level, lean my head toward him so that he can put the leaf on my ear. pretty leaf for you, Mama.

We filled up our house with the warmth of cinnamon and apple muffin this morning. The boys want cake and muffins so I am on a baking spree. As I sat at the table while the kids are doing their art work and I to jot down the testing recipe, I was feeling a bit nostalgic.

Nostalgic of what? i am not exactly sure, but the feeling is there, settling in, and making me think of some great memories of years past.

p.s. I am not trying to be a do-it-all supper mama but only to become a great mother in my children’ memories when they grow up and think of their childhood.






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