life with two boys (11.04.14)

perfect fall day, or not so much.

The boys crave outdoor times now that the weather has gotten colder. I try my best to give them fresh air whenever possible, putting a close watch at the weather forecast. Sometimes I am just obsessed about the rise and drop of temperature by hourly just to make sure we can squeeze in half an hour of time at the park.

Yesterday we went to the big park but was too windy since the park is at hilltop. I had to drag them home because they would not leave. They cried and wailed in the car; well, Peanut cried and wailed, and PP was just grumbling in disappointment.

Hence, I let them run around and jump on top of pile of leaves that our neighbors have not had time to help us collecting.

We made the best time out of it. And looking at these pictures, who would have thought they were giving me hard times a few minutes earlier.

…and here is the power struggle of sibling rivalry.

Peanut is a fierce contender. I think when he grows up he will be the one protecting PP.


3 thoughts on “life with two boys (11.04.14)

  1. Ngó cái mặt anh Peanut dành cái cào là biết anh này lì một cây luôn. Còn PP thì nét mặt luôn có chút gì tư lự. Chắc lớn lên biết lo.

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