outdoors play time at 25F

Have no fear — we got snow boots, mittens, hat, and a double-layered winter coat. Everything is covered in this 25F-degree weather.

Ever since he saw the snow on Monday and Tuesday, every morning upon waking up he insisted on looking out of his window. Every time, he said, snow man, Mommy! Then every time we leave the house, he also insisted on having a few minutes with the snow on the front yard, or pointed to the door to the back yard with requests to go out and play. Every time, I refused and truly broke his heart.

Today, after dropping PP off at school, the two of us came back to the house, and seeing the sun lit up our backyard, I said to myself, what the heck, give the little kid his play time.

I let Peanut out playing in the backyard for 10 minutes today; that’s the limit I have in this brutal weather. He loved walking on the bed of snow and cracking the ice beneath his feet. Every time he heard the cracking sound as he stomped to break the ice, he looked up at me and said, Mommy, funny!

Then when he saw his swings were covered with snow, he had no fear but to wipe the snow off one of them then climbed on it to swing back and forth.

But 10 minutes was my limit, and he cried in protest not wanting to come into the house. He bursted into a tantrum that last for a few minutes and I had to physically drag him in before he could get frostbite.


2 thoughts on “outdoors play time at 25F

  1. Trên đó có tuyết rồi kìa. Đúng là “mùa đông đến sớm” rồi nhen nàng ui.

    Mấy mẹ con giữ gìn sức khỏe nha, nhất mà mẹ đẹp đó.


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