Turkey and et. al.

I prepared a Thanksgivings dinner for my family yesterday. I made everything from scratch — Asian-flavor roasted turkey, char-siu gravy, cranberry sauce, stuffing, savory baked sweet potatoes, sweet whole wheat dinner buns, and chiffon cake with sauté apple and cranberries for dessert. So proud of myself!

The turkey came out quite juicy, but during the process I burned its skin a bit because I was not familiar with my brother’s restaurant-grade oven. The 24-hour brining process infused the flavors into the bird. It was the second year that I use the brining method and would do so again next year.

Roasted turkey, juicy and tender. I brined it with Asian spices (cinnamon, cloves, cardamon, fennel seeds, etc.) and basted it with my home-made char siu sauce while roasting.

I baked these sweet buns myself. It was my first time ever!

O told me that I have accumulated my culinary skills to the next level. Now he does not think I should go back to work so that he can have all the home cook meals.


9 thoughts on “Turkey and et. al.

    1. Oh thank you chị. I could only be this siêng once in awhile. It was very time consuming and taking too much of my time away from the boys. But i really enjoyed the process, like the sum of all parts, when seeing my brothers and O and the kids enjoyed eating everything.

      1. Không phải càng già càng yếu mà nhiều lúc thời tiết và sức khỏe mình làm mệt vậy đó em iu ơi. Nghỉ ngơi nhiều cho khỏe nha.

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