December is here!

Or should I say: December is here? This year has been a swift breeze!

I am contemplating whether or not I should start doing the “31 days” series for December. I have been slacking off in keeping daily notes about the boys and their quirks of childhood, which are aplenty. By committing to do the daily posts I am able to keep writing about them and the things going on in our uneventful life that they help spice it up. So I’ll see if I am able to continue until the end of the month, but I’ll try!


This is the most up to date photo of the boys. Peanut loves sitting on my tummy as I am sure the pile of extra fat makes it comfortably cushioned for him to rest his butt. While being comfortable on his throne, he is in a “Curious George” coma. We watch one or two episodes each morning after breakfast then we talk about it later on. I am glad PP is still into this show and able to watch with his brother.

This morning we ate some awesome and yummy breakfast that I made last night — baked French toast with apple cinnamon topping. The boys loved it! They also enjoyed some extra toast from the milk bread I baked last night. I am becoming a home baked carb glutton queen of the household, and lucky me, the boys like most of the things that I made thus far, excluding those that I failed and threw into the trash that they did not get to see.

We are out of a few things but I am not motivated to bring the boys out. My phone tells me that the temperature is currently standing at zero degree in Fahrenheit. But wait for it, the “feel like” temperature is -15F. The “feel like” is what gets me about Minnesota winter; I just hate it so much that if I have the choice right now I would pack my bag and move to the Caribbean to indulge in tropical goodness of life. Gosh, why must I suffer so much every year being stuck in this bone-chilling weather that last until April or May. I should move!

I have not been out of the house since Friday. I need to go to the stores to get some stuff but it would give me stress bringing the boys out. I wish the grocery stores around town have delivery services, I would pay extra just to get fresh vegetables and eggs delivered to my door at times like this.

Uh-oh, the little king just released a rumbling fart on my tummy. I guess it is time for him to sit on his other throne. Excuse me for my leave!

P.S. Potty training has been a success. No more money spent on diapers!


6 thoughts on “December is here!

      1. Chưa đâu bà ơi, thằng Lùn tui chắc phải còn lâu lắm. Mấy tháng trước thử 1 tuần, xong messy quá, không làm nữa. Bữa giờ chưa thử lại, tại “con gái mẹ” của nó “siêng” quá, ka ka ka

  1. Em Peanut giỏi quá. Mới đó là bỏ tã rồi, mẹ cũng khỏe hơn nữa ha.

    Ừa, em iu khỏe khỏe thì viết mỗi ngày cho ta đọc ké nha. Còn mệt thì đừng có ráng (nhất là đừng có thức khuya quá á).


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