Our lazy Friday

Ba mẹ con nằm nhà ca hát cho nhau nghe.

I am just too lazy to take them out. We don’t have the car anyway because O took it to work this morning so he can come home early this evening. I let the boys watch some of their favorite shows, hopefully their brains are not rotten too much.

Two more loaves of milk bread. I will make French toast using these tomorrow.


The boys are my oven guards. They made sure the bread were not burned to ashes.


Look how pillowy the breads turn out. I glazed them with melted butter and honey.

I think I am all carb-out and will take a break after these loaves. I also overworked my stand mixer these past few days.

Have a great weekend!


3 thoughts on “Our lazy Friday

    1. Yes it is a whole day affair because of double rising time. But how did it turn our? I made french toast with it and the boys love such treat for breakfast.

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