Country bumpkin

This little buddy of mine likes to be in the kitchen with me. Like I said before, he is going to be my travel buddy and we will discover the world eating all kind of food while O and PP stay home gnawing on Chinese take-outs. 🙂

Today he wanted to use the counter but I have my stuff scattered all over. So what to do? Well, he cleaned it for me. He said, me clean Ma, clean!

He then used his secret ladder (aka, the drawer where I put all of their arts and craft shenanigans because I am too tired to organize it daily) to climb and hoist himself up to the counter.

He was happy to make it to the top. I usually don’t let him do this but today he was just too damn cute for me to refuse.

Once he finished making the clearance, and asked me to put my things away, he gathered PP’s kindergarten workbook and my magazines to use as his drawing pads.

Not that I am trying to save money but Peanut does not sit well on the chair at the kids-hair shop. The last time I took him there, He cried and shrieked at the sight of the scissors and its sound. I ended up paying $20 bucks for a mediocre hair cut. Now that His hair has gotten longer and I have no choice but to snip it myself. Well, look at the end result; he looks like a country bumpkin kid, em bé quê. O said that he looks like Jim Carrey in the first Dumb and Dumber movie. Now every time I look at him I start cracking up. He loves the attention, though.

I say, every single kid must have a memory of a bad home hair cut in their childhood.




4 thoughts on “Country bumpkin

  1. Secret ladder của Peanut với của Mèo Nhí sao giống nhau quá dzậy chời? Cô nàng Nhí cũng chuyên môn mở mấy cái ngăn kéo ra xong leo trèo vậy đó. Sợ luôn, mà ẻm là con gái chớ bộ. 😉

    Mà nhìn mặt Peanut kiểu đó thì mẹ nào giận cho nổi hơ. 🙂 🙂

      1. thì bởi dzậy. Càng la, càng làm mặt ngầu, mấy ẻm càng leo trèo mới ghê chớ. Mà sao con Nhí nhà tui nó khoái leo trèo quá xá luôn em iu ơi. Ở nhà hay bảo: thì con mèo nó thích leo trèo thì đúng rồi 😉

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